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    If the Triple B ranch is rustling cattle from the Double Spur, then why is the Triple B the only one losing Cattle? It makes no sense to Tom Grigsby, but the owner of the Double Spur is honest. Grigsby should know; the man raised him. On the other hand, the Double Spur has all new ranch hands and no one appears to know why they are riding the range at night. Dugan is convinced that his ranch hands are all loyal. His daughter isn’t so sure.
    Grigsby was invited by Dugan to investigate the situation and he figures he owes Dugan something. He’s ready to stop running all over the country solving problems for everyone else, but this is personal…maybe too personal. People are seeing him only as a hired gun and he wants to leave a better legacy than that.
    Grigsby sets out one last time to find out who is rustling cattle and why. It isn’t what he wants to do, but it’s what he does best. If he’s going to get any cooperation, he’ll have to contribute a little information about why he qualifies for the job. That might put him in more danger, but he has a plan. He has a hunch who is doing the rustling, but he’ll have to scour the valley to prove it.

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Nightriders of the Double Spur
        by L. L. Rigsbee

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    Tom Grigsby rode into Clay Creek looking for answers but he wasn't getting much cooperation. The Double Spur accused the Tripple B of rustling and the Triple B was hiring gunmen. But the ranch losing the most cattle to rustlers was the Triple B. Somebody had to do something or the entire valley was going to be involved in a range war.
    Grigsby had seen too much fighting. He was ready to hang up his gun - but he owed a debt to the Double Spur. He had a hunch who was doing the rustling, but what he needed was hard facts. He knew only one way to get them, so he strapped on his gun and headed out into the night.
Editor’s Review: 

    “Nightriders of the Double Spur” is a sudden western that starts with action and doesn’t let up. Tom Grigsby is called to the Double Spur to help the man who raised him. He arrives at night to suspicious activity that daylight doesn’t resolve. A visit to the Triple B only confirms they are hiring gunmen of questionable character. Dugan, owner of the Double Spur, has all new hands and they are riding the range at night – no explanation. Worse yet, Dugan can’t explain their actions. His daughter, Sarah might shed some light on the situation if he can get her away from her father.
    While Grigsby is digging up nothing but more questions, he is hiding some facts about his identity. Grigsby is ready to retire his gun and settle down to ranch life, but first he has to figure out who is rustling cattle before there is no ranch left. This western novella is an easy evening read that is sure to entertain.